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The Blue

A unique collectible and investment opportunity.
By merging a blue diamond with the value of Bitcoin, the Blue Cryptomond fuses traditional craftsmanship with digital gold. The result of this innovative and patent-pending procedure? A one and only piece of jewelry with a fascinating story and breathtaking value—which is higher than the most expensive gemstone ever sold!


is one of the main value drivers of rare asset classes. Twenty-one million Bitcoin and countless diamonds exist, but only one Blue Cryptomond.


Diamonds and Bitcoins are excellent investment opportunities. The owner of the Blue Cryptomond benefits from the performance of both asset classes.


Thanks to our patent-pending ANC-72 standard, Cryptomonds store crypto assets with a new level of security, convenience, and style!


The Pinks

The perfect gift for the most precious person in your life.
Pink Cryptomonds follow the same concept as the Blue Cryptomond (fuse the fascination for diamonds with the value of Bitcoin). We create up to twelve Pinks per year only. With a value of $10 to $20 million each, Pink Cryptomonds target individuals seeking exclusive luxury goods and investment opportunities.




Turning every diamond into a Cryptomond.
Our virtual cut process can turn every diamond into a Cryptomond, whether you already own the diamond or purchase a new one. Also, we are happy to discuss licensing models for our technology with partners who have an international presence and share our values, vision, and code of conduct.

About Us


Cryptomonds™ is a CRONOFF venture and registered trademark. Our mission: Making CRypto ONboarding and OFFboarding safe! CRONOFF provides premium crypto services and tools for private and institutional investors.

Advisors & suppliers


Martin Katz designs all Cryptomonds according to each client's preferences. For more than 30 years, Beverly Hills based Martin Katz, Ltd. has gained international prominence with a discerning clientele that includes Forbes 400 business leaders, U.S. ambassadors, heads of state, and individuals with a collector's spirit for the world's rarest gems and jewels. His creations have graced the covers of virtually every fashion magazine worldwide. As the first independent jewelry designer on the Hollywood Red Carpet, he has bejeweled well over 500 celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Adele, and Gigi Hadid.

Our legal advisor PwC guides all legal and financial elements during a Cryptomonds transaction. With a global network of more than 295,000 professionals in 156 countries, PwC is among the world's leading professional services networks. We are looking forward to collaborating with your legal and financial advisory counterparts.

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